Men’s tailor’s shop in Sant’Antimo

Poul Richard London manufactures haute couture clothing for men

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Men’s tailor’s shop in Sant’Antimo

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Men’s tailor’s shop in Sant’Antimo

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Men’s tailor’s shop in Sant’Antimo

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Poul Richard London is your trusted tailor’s shop to purchase bespoke clothes for every occasion, made with great professionalism.

Wearing bespoke clothing means trusting the expert hands of a tailor who quickly understands your taste and style. Following your recommendations and with our deep passion, we will manage to create your elegancestep by step, wisely choosing the fabrics and combining them with the finest items and accessories.
From a wide range of fabrics we produce all the garments that complete the collection of an elegant man who wants to be impeccable in every circumstance.

Poul Richard London is your men’s tailor’s shop in Sant’Antimo, but we have shops in Milan, Aversa, Civitanova Marche and Rimini. Come and visit us to take a look at our products and ideas. In our ateliers we not only create clothes, but also trustworthy and friendship relations which last in time.


Poul Richard London

The elegance in men’s clothing

Poul Richard London was founded thanks to the passion and desire to lovingly do this job. Thanks to our perseverance and dedication, we have managed to quickly become a reference point for the professionals looking for excellent products and for the men who want to be elegant in every occasion. In our ateliers you will find thousands of high quality fabrics that are used to make all types of clothing, following your suggestions and doing our best to interpret your style.

The changing seasons determine the variation of the thickness of your garments and the tones you will be wearing, but thanks to our fabrics you will always have, within your wardrobe, the right suit for the right moment.

Each garment is followed in every production phase, from the cut to the assembling, from the ironing to the last finishing. We also wiselytake care of every smallest detail, in order to create a unique and special producte very time.

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Our creations are the result of an innate passion for elegance

formal wear

Formal occasions

There are some days when the elegance is priceless

Special occasions like gala dinners or weddings require a specific dress code. They are the best occasions to have a tailor-made suit done by expert hands, which perfectly represents you and makes you shine among the guests. You will be free to choose among a wide range of fabrics carefully selected for you..



The right outfit for every moment of the day

Choosing a sporty style does not mean you have to avoid elegance, thanks to our continuous research on materials and patterns to satisfy every need.

Urban men do not settle for a compromise with style but aim to a simple and clear style, which is perfect for the city.