Made-to-measure suits in Sant’Antimo

Poul Richard London uses the best fabrics to create your made-to-measure suit

We provide you with a wide range of fabrics to make the perfect suit for every occasion. The choice of the fabric to make your made-to-measure suit is crucial to get a perfect result. Poul Richard London only uses the best fabrics and yarns for your bespoke suits in Sant’Antimo. The fabrics we offer are selected every day among the best ones in the Italian and foreign markets. We always prefer natural fibres like wool, cotton, linen or silk.

The fabrics used in our ateliers include the best brands, in order to offer our clients a wide range of choices and styles
• Piacenza Cashmere
• LoroPiana
• ErmenegildoZegna
• Scabal
• Ariston
• Vitale BarberisCanonico
• FratelliCerruti
• Drago

In the Italian fashion world, taste and elegance are natural qualities, so that the tailor immediately understands the taste and expectations of the man in front of him. To make made-to-measure suits in Sant’Antimo, we take care of every smallest detail: the length of the jacket and sleeves, the slit in the back, the pocket square, the buttonholes, the buttons, the lining. But, in addition to our great experience, what makes a garment exclusive and luxurious is the high quality fabric used.

When our clients come and visit us in our atelier to ask for a suit, we deeply want to understand their desires and taste and then we ask him to touch the fabrics we put every day in our shelves with care. Our trusted employees will be able to describe with precision and accuracy the peculiarities of each fabric so that you can choose the one that is closer to your idea of elegance and style.

With the passing of the seasons, our fabrics will have different thickness and tones, but the quality and precision we use in our job will never change.
A good fibre needs to be worked in many ways and at the same time satisfy the basic needs of a man with an elegant lifestyle. Your made-to-measure suits will be breathable, crease-resistant, fresh, bright, soft and perfectly fit, if you decide to entrust your collection of clothes to our expert tailors’ hands.

Whatever the occasion is for your suit, Poul Richard London and his team will make your dreams come true. We love to show our clients excellent accessories, like watches, belts, eyeglasses frames or cheerful and coloured pocket squares. We will give you the best advice to create the right mix to express your personality and make you feel at ease.