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During your wedding day, for sure the attention will not be directed only to the bride. The groom cannot make any mistakes. In order to choose the right suit, you have to bear in mind some simple rules, like for example which type of religious service you are going to have, the time, the location and the reception.

Poul Richard London has been working for years to make the perfect formal suits in Sant’Antimo, to make your day a truly special one.

The options for the choice of the suit are many.
The classic black suit, for example, is the most timeless choice among the formal suits and requires only one rule: the bottom button must be left undone.
The three-piece suit includes instead a pair of trousers, a jacket and a waistcoat made of the same fabric.
The tuxedo is undoubtedly an infallible choice, especially if worn with a bow tie. The tight and the half tight, eventually, are the formal suits for the most stylish men, who want to amaze their bride and guests. This type of suit is composed by the typical dandy-style jacket, which can be combined, for the brave, with a top hat.

The groom’s suit, unlike the bride’s gown, is less influenced by the current fashion and follows more classic and precise rules.
We love to give our clients some simple suggestions, to help them choose the right suit.
First of all, we suggest avoiding a blazer with slacks, and especially a linen suit, which creates a crease effect.
According to our experience a preferably white shirt with double cuffs and buttons is always the best solution. No trousers with turn-ups allowed, whereas black or polished leather shoes are perfect to give a super elegant effect. Finally, if you want to wear a square pocket, we recommend choosinga different colour than the one of the tie or bow tie.

All is ready for the celebration, but you have no clue about which type of tie or knot is the best to be truly impeccable and elegant? No worries. At Poul Richard London we will advise you about the best way to complete your outfit in every detail.
The tie, the Western accessory that has now become an undisputed symbol of male elegance, has changed shape over the centuries. Today there are almost 85 types to tie a tie, but, according to some beauty criteria of symmetry and balance, only a few are considered elegant.
Any examples? The most used and classic tie knot is the simple knot, easy to make and versatile.
The Windsor is instead the knot for the grand occasions. Despite being difficult to make, it is a synonym for elegance.
If you are willing to dare, we recommend wearing a bow tie, which is definitely perfect with a black tuxedo and a white shirt.
If you have any doubts about the most suitable shoes to match your formal suit, do not hesitate to ask for advice about the models, colours and materials to have an impeccable match.

Weddings are not only for the wedding couple; also guests must follow a specific dress code. We deal with all types of formal suits in Sant’Antimo, to enable also the guests to have an elegant and refined style. The best man, for example, has a key role and his suit must express his personality with elegance, charm and creative spirit. The guests of honour, like the wedding couple’s fathers or brothers, have also the right to feel special in such an important day. For this reason we satisfy them as well, trying to meet their needs and taste.

Come and visit us in one of our shops and we will find the best solution together.