Poul Richard London in Sant’Antimo

A mix of elegance and taste to create haute couture suits

Tailoring is an art and you will be our canvas. Poul Richard London in Sant’Antimo was founded in 1985 thanks to the creativity and passion of Pino Fiorillo, entrepreneur and eclectic mind from the South of Italy, fascinated by style, elegance and art in all its expressions.

From the beginning Pino, passionate about the English style, has chosen to mix it with the Italian fashion to create unique and exclusive garments.
Pino Fiorillo is the heir of a big name, of famous artisans, of great stories. One of these is about an ancestor of family Fiorillo, a tailor in Monte di Dio, the area in Naples on the hill of Pizzofalcone, who was born in 1783. His heirs say that he used to tailor clothes for general Avitabile, a key man in the international political scenario in the 19th century and known as “the Neapolitan who tamed the Afghans”. His story has been passed down from generation to generation, until getting today to Pino Fiorillo.

Poul Richard in Sant’Antimo dresses the men who want to escape from the rigid stereotypes. We create bespoke suits, examples of the best Italian tailoring tradition envied all over the world.
A fusion of English style, Italian class and tailoring art which create every time a new, fine and exclusive garment with the right colour, the best fabric and an impeccable manufacture, which perfectly combine the classic and modern style.

Italy boasts an excellent fashion tradition with the Neapolitan tailoring art, which has always combined style and elegance. A field where technology has not arrived yet or at least has not managed to impose its rhythms and rules and where the only tools that count are the tailors’ expert and precise hands.
At Poul Richard London in Sant’Antimo, in our small way, we feel we are part of this world made of style, class and elegance. We have always been working on these qualities, in order to create suits for every man to feel unique.
The collections we create are based on the typical elegance of the modern man, and at the same time have an extreme attention to details. This enables us to offer truly special products.
Wearing a tailor-made suit made exclusively for you will help you express your personality.

The tailoring art is made of techniques, which are limitlessly and patiently adaptable, so that the selected fabric gets the desired shape. Our job is made of a lot of passion, techniques and expertise, acquired during the years.
If you come and visit us, you will enter a timeless world, you will touch all the sewing patterns, the cut fabrics, the thread bobbins and the needles and pins everywhere. A true artisan’s lab, where all the artisans share the same deep passion, which enables them to help each other every day, exchanging support and skills, while your suits are being created.

Today you can find us in Sant’Antimo, Milan, Aversa, Civitanova Marche and Rimini. From Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 1PM and from 4PM to 8PM.